Thursday, May 31, 2012


From the AP:
"The Archdiocese of Milwaukee confirmed Wednesday that it had a policy to pay suspected pedophile priests to leave the ministry.

"The acknowledgement was prompted by a document made public by abuse victims' advocates from the archdiocese's bankruptcy that references a 2003 proposal to pay $20,000 to 'unassignable priests' who accepted a return to the laity. The policy was crafted under then-Archbishop Timothy Dolan, who is now a cardinal and head of the archdiocese in New York."

That would be the same Timothy Dolan who is leading the charge against the Affordable Care Act as an "act of religious freedom." Back in Milwaukee when he was questioned about a payoff to a notorious pedophile priest, Dolan said the notion he knew anything about it was "false, preposterous and unjust." So to summarize, in Cardinal "G.O.P." Dolan's "spiritual" cosmos it's o.k. to buy off a pedophile priest and not report him to authorities, but it's sacrilege for people to use contraception and for the Obama Administration to require private insurance providers to cover contraceptives in policies to which Church institutions subscribe. Oh, and Dolan's a liar to boot.

Wow. When did this guy's moral compass go awry?

(Photo: Cardinal "G.O.P." Dolan "...was blind but now I...uh...I'm still blind.")

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