Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wronging A Wright

The New York Times is reporting that a wingnut Super PAC, backed by a billionaire, are planning to mount an attack on President Obama using the timeworn issue of former Obama pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The gist of the potential ads are to impugn the President's patriotism, firmness, etc. (repeat after us: "Bin Laden is Dead, GM is Alive").The billionaire right-wing sugar daddy, Joe Ricketts, is the founder of TD Ameritrade and the owner of the Chicago Cubs. Ironically, Ricketts is part of the one percent that has realized 93% of the economic gains in the recovery -- can you say "ungrateful greedhead"?

Profile in courage and amateur barber Willard "Scissorhands" Romney has issued a weak call for the PAC not to run the attack ad. The Dems see this as a potential gift, one that would drive moderates and independents away and energize their base. It's also old news, a story that the Rethugs milked in the 2008 Presidential campaign to no real effect, but that nonsense appeals to the far right, conspiracy-minded loons that make up the Rethug party base.

BONUS: Be sure to read Charles P. Pierce's take on all this ("We have done a remarkable thing in this country. We have privatized both political slander and political corruption.")

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