Monday, July 30, 2012

Oy! Mitt Hits The Fan...Again

Well, London was a triumph for bumbling plutocrat Willard "Mr. Mo' Shambles" Romney, wasn't it? Not to worry, he followed up with a bungle or two at a fundraiser in Israel, the more significant one being insulting the Palestinian people as having their own culture to blame for their economy. After 45 years of occupation and restrictions on trade, the Palestinian economy is struggling mightily, something that Mr. Mo' Shambles apparently didn't take into account. No doubt the right-wing Likudnik audience at the fundraiser ate up the slur, including Macau gambling tycoon (and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act scofflaw) Sheldon "Smelly Shelly" Adelson, a poster boy for dual loyalties if there ever was one.

(image: h/t to tBogg's blog)

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