Sunday, September 30, 2012

" A Manifesto for the Entitled"

This morning in the Kaplan Daily, Steven Perlstein has issued his "I am a Job Creator: A Manifesto for the Entitled." Here's a sample (remind you of a certain candidate for President?):
"I am a private-equity fund manager.

I am the misunderstood superhero of American capitalism, single-handedly creating wealth and prosperity despite all the obstacles put in my way by employees, government and the media.

I am a job creator and I am entitled.

I am entitled to complain about the economy even when my stock price, my portfolio and my profits are at record levels."

The piece perfectly captures the mix of victimhood and entitlement displayed by the Jamie Dimons, Lloyd Blankfeins and, yes, Willard "I Built That" Romneys of the American economy.

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