Friday, September 14, 2012

Obama Leads in Three Swing States

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows President Obama pulling ahead of desperate Willard "The Smirker" Romney in the key swing states of Virginia, Florida and Ohio among likely voters. In Florida and Virginia, the President holds a 5-point lead over The Smirker, 49 - 44, and in Ohio, the lead is even larger, with the President ahead 50 - 43.

When you consider registered voters, the picture is even darker for Willard the Opportunist: in Virginia, the President leads by 7 points, in Florida by 8, and in Ohio by 9. It appears that people have made a judgement on the character and policies of The Smirker, and they're not buying. Another grim fact for The Smirker is that no more than 5 percent remain undecided, with the vast majority saying that they know who they'll vote for in November.

So the news is good, but registered voters need to get to the polls in November to lock in a win.

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