Thursday, September 27, 2012

Will Some Teabaggers Fall In November?

There's an interesting article at TPM that assesses the reelection chances of four very prominent hard right teabaggers: Michelle "Crazy Eyes" Bachmann, Joe "Deadbeat Dad" Walsh, Allen "Double Stuffed Oreo" West, and Steve "The Lying" King. Of the four reactionaries, Walsh and King appear to be the most vulnerable. Deadbeat Dad Walsh is running against wounded Iraq War vet and Dem convention speaker Tammy Duckworth and his own party has essentially walked away from his campaign. The Lying King is facing a serious challenge in Christine Vilsack, wife of the former governor and current Agriculture Secretary.

The teabagger movement was, and still is, a phony "grassroots" affair made up of hardcore right wingers, financially backed by corporate manipulators like the Koch brothers with their front organization "Americans for [Koch] Prosperity." In its never ending quest for balance, the Beltway media treated it like an authentic uprising of average Americans, despite gun-toting teabaggers with signs that read "We Came Unarmed -- This Time," and signs that displayed racist content. Didn't it always seem strange that their rage against Government debt was invisible during Dumbya's free-spending assministration, and only started once a black Democrat was in the White House?

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