Saturday, October 27, 2012

McNasty's Lingering Bitterness

After Arizona Sen. John "McNasty" McCain went down to a decisive defeat in 2008, instead of assuming the role of elder (very elder) statesman, he retreated into a bitter pattern of undermining President Obama. It certainly must have stung in 2008 when former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Colin Powell supported Barack Obama over him, and now that Powell, a Republican, has "re-upped" with the President, McNasty is beside himself with anger. He's accusing Gen. Powell of getting us into the Iraq War, as if McNasty and the neocon Bushies had no role to play. Powell is a man of honor, and never would have presented the misleading and false information to the U.N. had he not trusted the neocon apparatus. Powell rectified that error by leaving Dumbya's administration after the deception was revealed to him, to be replaced by Condi "bin Laden Determined to Strike" Rice at the State Department.

McNasty will hold on to his resentment of Powell and the President for the remainder of his blighted life, no doubt. We can only be thankful that the majority of voters rejected him in 2008.

UPDATE: While McNasty hasn't yet used the racist dog whistle, Romney campaign co-chair and former NH Gov. John "Screw You" Sununu hasn't been afraid of using a racist bull horn. Screw You recently claimed that Gen. Powell's endorsement was based on his racial identification with the President, rather than policy. The closer we come to election day, the less these thugs will try to disguise their racism.

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