Monday, November 26, 2012

We're Shocked, Shocked At This Disclosure!

Florida's Rethuglican State officials trying to suppress voting by minorities! Really? No one would have guessed, but Florida's Rethuglican Gov. and alien impersonator Rick "Voldemort" Scott and his Rethug allies did everything they could to pre-determine the outcome of the vote through suppression tactics and a law restricting early voting from 14 days to eight, according to no less an authority than ex-Florida Rethuglican Party chairman Jim Greer:
“The sad thing about that is yes, there is prejudice and racism in the party but the real prevailing thought is that they don’t think minorities will ever vote Republican.”
With his clumsy attempts to disenfranchise voters, Voldemort Scott will find that public anger at this deeply un-American assault on a basic right of citizenship will more than overcome the suppression tactics. With the changing demographics in Florida, his days as Governor are running out.

(photo: Gotcha.)

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