Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bob Woodward -- Your Sequestration Hack of the Month

Step up and claim your award, once-great Washington Post Kaplan Daily associate editor Bob Woodward!  As Anne Laurie's piece demonstrates (with essential links to Dave Weigel, Brian Beutler  and Ezra Klein), Woodward is accusing the President of "moving the goal posts" in the sequestration confrontation, when in fact nothing of the sort has taken place.  It's pure enabling on the part of wealthy, Rethuglican-wired Beltway media elites like Woodward to draw attention to a dead sapling while ignoring the forest where the crazies live.

BONUS:  Don't miss Steve Benen's take on Woodward's bungling.

BONUS II: This excerpt from Esquire's Charles Pierce sums up the problem:
"Having done its Watergate thing, the Post slipped comfortably back into its place in the respectable D.C. power structure. Woodward went with it, producing periodically weighty doorstops filled with establishment stenography. He's no more a liberal than he is a member of Motley Crue. He's a courtier to all the right people, the scribe to powerful. He's a journalistic Sadducee. He tends the Temple grounds."

(Photo:  Bob Woodward, desperately trying to make amends for bringing down Richard Nixon.)

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