Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rethuglicans Racist? Nah!

From the Facebook page (since taken down*) of Yellowstone County, Montana, Rethuglican/ New Confederate/ Stupid Party Chairman Jennifer Olsen (kudos also to limp dick Rich Diamond, whoever that asswhistle is):

Olsen is quite an up-and-comer in the teatard/ Rethuglican Party in Montana.  No wonder.  Hey, good luck with that re-branding!

*Or not:  see montanafesto's update in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Her Facebook hasn't been taken down. The Daily Kos claims that it has been taken down but I believe she has only made her profile unsearchable. Here is her Facebook:

Hackwhackers said...

montanafesto -- Thanks for the update. It's quite a billboard for tea bagger racism, which of course they deny. Reality bites.

Anonymous said...

A republican I know sent a message to one of the YCRCC board members asking for her resignation and noting that it was giving the party bad publicity. The board member, a Vice Chair, replied that it was tying her more to the tea party. Disappointing.