Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Three Rethuglican Fiscal Myths

Michael Tomasky outlines the three Rethuglican fiscal myths that the public needs to be aware of, starting with:
"... this canard that we have to balance the budget. Absurd. There is no reason to balance the budget. None. Ever. Oh, it’s nice if it happens—that is, if it happens as a result of an economy that’s shooting skyward like a bottle rocket, as Bill Clinton’s was. That’s something to feel good about. It was an astonishing accomplishment for Clinton, that he brought us into surplus for that brief golden age before George W. Bush and his advisers, those secret agents of world communism, started destroying American capitalism."
Wouldn't it be great if all Americans had to take a course in Keynesian economics?  ("See, folks, the U.S. Government budget is not like a family budget...")  Perhaps that would make it more difficult for the Rethuglican b.s. machine to function as well as it has over the past half-century.

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