Monday, April 29, 2013

BREAKING!! Wolf Held Hostage! This Is CNN.

Wolf "Cry Wolf" Blitzer, of CNN (the most busted name in news), was the target of a prank over the weekend when a Montgomery County, MD SWAT team descended on his house.  It turned out that Cry Wolf was out of town, but the local police took the call to the 911 emergency line seriously.  Apparently the prank of "SWAT-ting" is a growing problem for local jurisdictions, who are having to respond to prank hostage calls, etc., with costly SWAT team resources.  Rethug Rep. Mike Rogers was also the target of a similar prank 911 call this weekend.

This was a story that CNN's crack reporting team must have loved:  sensational, self-referencing, and ultimately bogus.

(photo:  CNN has obtained this exclusive hostage photo of...wait, what?  He's not?)

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