Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Today's Dispatches From The Stupid Party

We start today in Alaska, which once in its collective wisdom elected snowbilly grifter Sarah Palin as its Governor:
With the Alaska GOP set to meet Monday evening to decide the fate of party chairwoman Debbie Brown of Kasilof, she has seized the Republican headquarters in Anchorage and is threatening to arrest anyone who tries to enter the building.
"In order to protect the assets of the Alaska Republican Party, the office located at 1001 West Fireweed Lane in Anchorage has been temporarily closed and the locks changed," she said in an email sent to various Alaska Republicans early Monday. "No one is to enter the premises without permission from the State Chairman. Any unauthorized attempt to enter the premises will be met by the authorities."
The Alaska Republican Party's assets are at the moment rather limited. The headquarters building borders on being a dump...
Two points:  "Fireweed Lane?"   Two, referring back to the previous point, is that what these nutballs are smoking up there?

Speaking of smoking, let's see what's going on in the Confederate State of North Carolina, where the Stupid Party wants poors to pee in a cup,  but buying a gun -- no problemo:
Tempers flared after Bill Rowe with the N.C. Justice Center told lawmakers similar legislation in Florida and Michigan has been struck down by courts as unconstitutional.
"Our Fourth Amendment doesn't allow suspicion-less testing of people," Rowe said. "There's no decision that says this is OK."
Rowe also cited studies that show drug use is no more common among TANF recipients than in the general public.
Sen. Tommy Tucker, R-Union, argued with Rowe.
"You're OK with (drug users) getting federal dollars if they've had a doobie and get the munchies and need more food stamps?" Tucker asked. "Sit down."
Huh, what?  Tommy Tucker?  You mean "Little Tommy Tucker?"  Does he sing for his supper?  Or does he just support un-Constitutional state laws because NULLIFICATION!  Also, FREEDUMB!

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