Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Why, Mr. President, Why Why?

Daily Kos has a running account of this morning's press conference with President Obama here.  Several topics were raised by the thundering herd, and we'll do a short version of the questions below.

Press:  Why haven't you launched a full out attack on Syria?  Why aren't you following President John McCain's lead; also, red line, red line!  Why, Mr. President, why why?

Press:  Everybody knows you were made King in November, so why haven't you made the sequestration go away by waving your Excalibur sword?  We know Republicans aren't to blame.  Why, Mr. President, why why?

Press:  Detainees are on a hunger strike at Guantanamo, so why haven't you fed them and closed it?  Aren't you King?  Why, Mr. President, why why?

Press:  Max Baucus, the greatest Democrat ever, is saying implementing Obamacare is a disaster.  Why didn't you listen to Baucus and go with a public option...oh wait, never mind.  Anyway, why, Mr. President, why why?

Despite these most excellent questions from the shiny object-chasers, the President was knowledgeable and fluent, and acquitted himself well, even giving a parting shout out to NBA player Jason Collins, who became the first active player in a major sport to announce he is gay.

(image:  White House correspondent in action.  Please don't feed him.)

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