Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Yesterday's Boston Bombings

A second bomb detonates down Boylston Street from the street from the first.

The horrific bomb blasts that took at least three lives and injured scores more at the finish line of the Boston Marathon is under intense investigation by Federal, State and local law enforcement and homeland security officials. As of this morning, no one has come forward to claim responsibility for the attacks.  The bombs were placed on or near the ground and contained shrapnel, as evidence of the severe lower body injuries sustained. Sadly, among the dead was an 8 year-old boy, Martin Richard, who was watching the race with his family.  Undoubtedly, many lives were saved by the fact that numerous emergency medical staff and police were standing by at the finish line to assist runners suffering from dehydration or minor injuries.

Until the authorities are able to review footage of the area from security cameras and private devices, interview witnesses, and perform forensics on the bomb material, it's speculative to guess the motive or the players (something wing nuts are having trouble resisting).  A heavily attended even like the Marathon is a soft target for someone, or some organization, wanting to cause mass casualties.  In the days ahead, the investigation should start to produce leads and perhaps even suspects.


Anonymous said...

John was watching the race a few hundred yards from the finish, but left to come home a couple of hours before the bombing. He had called me to let me hear how joyous and moving it all was and suggested we both go next year. Then this... P.E.C.

Hackwhackers said...

Thank God John had left and wasn't near the blasts. Everyone was describing the day as a celebration and joyous: Marathon, "Patriots Day," Red Sox game at Fenway. What a terrible thing to happen to people just going about their lives...