Saturday, May 11, 2013

From The Sports Desk

With his manifest greed, vindictiveness and meddling in the operations of the Washington Redskins, owner Li'l Danny Snyder is one of the most hated owners in professional sports.  Now, Li'l Danny has weighed in on the controversial name of his team, saying that despite calls for changing the derogatory team name, he "will never change the name."  With the issue of the name being taken up by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, Li'l Danny could stand to lose serious money if the Board decides that the name "Redskins" is defamatory and denies trademark rights.  Nothing in the world of professional football would make us happier than for that little turd's trademark rights to be denied, allowing every t-shirt and sports equipment company to pocket all of the proceeds from the sales of Redskins items.

By the way, since the team is known shorthand as the 'Skins, you would think that a simple solution would be to rename them, for example, the Buckskins, after the deerskin clothing worn by both Native Americans and white settlers.  They'd still be referred to as the 'Skins.  Just like we'll keep referring to their owner as Li'l Danny.

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