Sunday, May 19, 2013

How The Media Was Played On BENGHAZI! (And Why That Won't Change Anything)

Rachel Maddow dissects the fake emails press scandal associated with BENGHAZI!, with particular shame descending on Fox News Lite ABC News (h/t Crooks and Liars) :

Today's journalists  complicit Beltway media stenographers need to do some serious reflection on how they're being played by Rethuglican operatives and the right-wing noise machine... haha riiiight!

UPDATE:  ABC News' Jonathan Karl says "so sorry" for his false report (but says the story "entirely stands" -- see "haha riiight", above). Thanks a bunch.

UPDATE II:  Should have guessed why Karl is sticking with his "story:"  he's a product of a right-wing "journalism" organization.  So, he's part of the right-wing noise machine, just embedded at ABC News.

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