Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Runner-Up Asshat of the Week

Among those big-hearted Rethuglicans recently arguing in Congress for cutting the food stamp program for the poor was Tennessee Tea Bag Rep. Stephen "Grinch" Fincher (Rethug-Crackerville).  A believer in self-reliance, Grinch thumped quoted the Bible, declaring Jeebus was on the side of thems that helps themselves.  Well, lo and behold,  looks like Grinch lived what he preached, at least as far as his agribusiness family helping themselves to over $8.9 million in federal farm subsidies over the past decade.

So, cut money for the poors, gummint!  The Makers like Grinch need it!

(Photo:  "Hey, where's my runner-up asshat?  I earned it!  I'm entitled!")

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