Saturday, June 22, 2013

Call The Waaahm-bulance!

Former Rethug Presidential nominee and plutocratic champion Lord Willard "One Percent" Romney and his spouse,  Lady Ann, were routinely mocked during the 2012 campaign for their out-of-touch elitism, the most obvious example of which was their car elevator in their La Jolla, California mega-mansion.

It seems that Lady Ann was not pleased with the common folks' "rules and regulations," which hampered her and Lord One Percent's style.  At a recent local government hearing, Lady Ann railed against the lowly bureaucratic minions (Dems, no doubt!) that delayed the permitting process for her and One Percent's small $12 million upgrade of their La Jolla property.  The effrontery!  The nerve of these unwashed commoners to delay the plans of their betters!!  Waaaahh!

Her sense of entitlement and false victimhood reeks with the assumptions of the privileged few that think that their wealth entitles them to preferential treatment and perks.  Sorry, Lady Ann, your self pity is pass√©.  Waaaahh yourself.

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