Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Taxing Our Patience

Attempts by Rethuglicans and their supporters in the press to puff up the IRS "scandal" were dealt perhaps the fatal blow in recent revelations that progressive groups were also being challenged by the IRS when they applied for tax exempt status as "social welfare" organizations.  This means that the buffoonery of Rethug Rep. Darrell "Grand Theft Auto" Issa may be winding down, as he overreached on this and the Benghazi! BENGHAZI!! affair.

This has been a cautionary tale for both Rethuglicans and members of their courtier press about getting your facts straight before you launch a smear campaign.  At least the Rethugs might be minimally "dissuaded" by failure, if only to fall back on weasel wording and misdirection;  the arrogant, unaccountable courtier press, not so much.

UPDATE:  Looks like Grand Theft Auto was directing the IG's investigation from the get-go to manufacture the whole "scandal."

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