Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wisconsin Is Open For Job Stagnation

Beltway speculation on who'll be running for the Rethug nomination for president in 2016 regularly comes up with an odd potential candidate:  Rethug Gov. Scott "Koch Head" Walker (Koch-WI).   Walker, you might remember, is the public-union-busting stain on the political history of Wisconsin who survived a rare recall election in 2012.   He came into office with the slogan "Wisconsin Is Open For Business."  So, how's this bright light in the right-wing Rethug firmament been doing?
Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) is a conservative hero with a record of taking progressives and unions in a state that went for Obama and beating them twice. He’s cut government, taken away worker protections and empowered the private sector, making him the Republican insiders’ favorite for the 2016 GOP nomination.
His only problem is, his economic policies continue to fail — miserably.
The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia has ranked the Badger State 49th in its 50-state Leading Index report for April. With an index rank of -0.74 percent, Wisconsin was one of only five states to show contraction.
Experts do not read much into one month’s data. This index — which factors in average manufacturing hours, unemployment, wage trends and building permits — often shows a wide margin of error. The state has been especially rocked by the national decline in manufacturing.
However, Walker doesn’t really have any positive economic data to point to. Since he took office, his state has fallen from 11th to 44th in job creation. Wisconsin’s wages are also declining at twice the national level.  (our emphasis)
Well, with cred like that on economic policies, he's bound to be the Stupid Party's standard bearer in 2016!

UPDATE:  If Koch Head weren't so busy doing this, he might create a job or tw...  Um, no.
[Walker's] planning to sign a bill forcing women to get ultrasounds they don't want before having abortions they do. He also seems inclined to sign a bill letting some employers refuse to include contraception in their health insurance coverage, and a couple more to boot. Because forced ultrasounds and opposition to contraception are soooo popular.
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