Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Primary Day in New Jersey

Democratic voters go to the polls today in New Jersey to select a candidate for the Senate seat vacated by the death of Dem Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who passed away this past June.  The odds-on favorite to win the Democratic primary -- and probably the election in this blue state -- is Newark Mayor and friend of Wall Street Cory "Snooker" Booker, who, in 2012, infamously rose to the defense of Bain Capital (and by inference, plutocrat Willard "One Percent" Romney).  Now, Snooker is facing questions about his involvement with a video company, Waywire, that he raised roughly $1 million for, and continues to profit from.

It's sad that progressive candidates like Reps. Frank Pallone and Rush Holt, and State Sen. Sheila Oliver can't get a hearing due to "Mr. Both Sides Do It" Snooker's overwhelming advantage in campaign donations (cough cough Wall Street), and that this primary will be decided on name recognition for the most part.  Sad.

(photo: David Paul Morris, Bloomberg)

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