Friday, August 16, 2013

With Enemies Like These....

As speculation grows about whether (or when) Hillary Clinton will formally announce her candidacy for President (the election's more than 3 years away, for goodness sake), the usual Clinton-haters are unsheathing their knives and sharpening them for the smear assault.  We know that the right-wing will be ginning up new and old conspiracy theories (Benghazi!, BENGHAZI !!) to try to smear Clinton, but we also have to take note, as the very-readable Michael Tomasky observes, of the Boomer "liberals" exemplified by Maureen "MoDo" Dowd and Richard "The Adulterer" Cohen.  Their often snotty, self-righteous pieces on both Clintons reflect a certain segment of the Boomer generation's purist view of how nobly members of that generation (including Hackwhackers) should behave.

Tomasky's piece is well worth a read, if only to understand how some Boomer journalists continue to downplay the, if you will, elephant in the room:  the lunacy of the Rethuglican / Stupid Party and what it's doing to the country.

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