Friday, September 27, 2013

Climate Change and the Human Factor

Climate change deniers won't be having a good day today, after an international panel of experts reported that there is 95% certainty that climate change is directly connected to human activity.  Not that they won't come up with paid shills from the fossil fuel industry to "refute" the overwhelming evidence.

The report, which will be issued in its entirety on Monday, shows that the past 3 decades have been the hottest since 1850 -- the beginning of the Industrial Age.  The Earth is expected to experience a 4 degree temperature increase in the next century, which will result in polar ice melting and ocean levels rising.  We're already seen an increase in violent mega-storms, and polar ice cap shrinkage.  So, it's time -- actually past time -- to curb carbon emissions and greenhouse gases, which are the leading cause of global warming, and damn the fossil fuel profiteers who can't see beyond their balance sheets.

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