Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Rethuglicans' Debt Ceiling Ransom Note

Stick 'em up, America!  The Rethuglicans will shoot the economy unless you meet their demands!

As Jon Chait summarizes, the Rethugs have their list of demands in order to extend the debt ceiling, but there's something oddly familiar about it:
It’s Mitt Romney’s 2012 economic plan. Almost word for word, in fact. True, Romney proposed to repeal Obamacare, while the House Republicans propose to delay it for a year. But the gambit there — extend the debt ceiling for a year while delaying Obamacare a year, so that the next debt ceiling hike lines up with another Obamacare delay — makes the two tactics essentially the same.
The rest of the list is Romney’s agenda on taxes, regulation of the environment, finance and other business, Medicare, tort reform. That’s their opening demand: implement Romney’s economic plan or melt down the economy.
It's quite a list.  And, like the Cruz fail-a-buster, it's all hat and no cattle because it's not gonna happen. 

Apparently, elections don't have consequences if Democrats win.

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