Thursday, October 24, 2013

We've Got Your Back....Not

We have a little Beltway media frenzy today involving Dem Sen. Dick Durbin, a staunch Obama supporter and a Dem leader in the Senate, who heard that a Rethug House leader said to Obama's face in a meeting that he "could not even stand to look at you."  The Rethugs said they "couldn't recall" the scene, not surprisingly.  So it's disheartening when the White House spokes-suit Jay Blarney Carney had to chirp that "it didn't happen."  Durbin is standing by his statement, and the Rethugs are demanding an "apology."  Great.

Wouldn't a simple "no comment" from Blarney Carney have sufficed, especially since it's a he-said, she-said situation that only the Rethugs' Beltway media enablers want to blow out of proportion?  So now the White House has virtually accused the Democratic Senate Majority Whip of lying.  And they want Senate Dems to have their back?

UPDATE:  Sen. Reid indicates that far-right Tex-ass Rethug Rep. Pete "Piss-tol Pete" Sessions delivered the insult, based on information that he got from a White House aide.  An apology from Jay Blarney Carney, at a minimum, would seem to be in order.

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