Monday, November 25, 2013

Airheads Fire Air Cannon With Predictable Results

What could possibly go wrong when the dimbulbs at Fox & Friends fire a pumpkin from an air cannon in downtown Manhattan?
On Monday, "Fox & Friends" showed off several high-powered pumpkin launchers taking part in an annual Thanksgiving Day "Punkin Chunkin" pumpkin-tossing contest. However, before you could say "food fight," anchor Elisabeth Hasselbeck got a little too frisky with her air cannon! While she was aiming for fellow anchor Steve Doocy, who stood taunting her from about half a football field away, Elisabeth channeled her inner "Survivor" skills and launched a pumpkin over Steve's head and out into the busy NYC street, where it nearly caused a taxi accident! Things then went from bad to worse, when the long-gone gourd was retrieved by an unhappy member of NYPD's finest. An embarrassed Elisabeth cringed, calling out, "I'm really sorry!", while Steve tried to talk the officer out of giving them a ticket for unlawful disposal of a holiday decoration. Oh, gourd!
Hasselbeck and Doocy.  Together, they make one wit.

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