Saturday, February 15, 2014

Rump Hits Speed Bump in NH

We turn from arrogant, clueless plutocrat Tom Perkins to another arrogant, clueless plutocrat, Donald "Rump" Trump, who is once again claiming that he's thinking of running for public office.  A couple of weeks ago, he said he'd condescend to run on the Rethuglican / Stupid Party ticket for Governor of New York, only if the state party cleared the way for him by not holding a primary (so much for the competitive spirit).

Now, Rump has made an appearance in New Hampshire to get the rubes murmuring about a Presidential run in 2016.  Reporter McKay Coppins admits to regretting the wasted time covering Rump in what turned out to be a fizzle of an appearance for the hereditary plutocrat.  After more than a decade of Rump's tap dance with politics, it seems even the wingers aren't buying the schtick anymore.

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