Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What's Going Right With Obamacare In Florida and Nationally

While the reactionaries continue to try to block uninsured Americans from getting affordable health insurance (see post below), their obstruction hasn't worked in at least one important State:
(AP) Florida's Republican leaders have fought the Affordable Care Act at every turn, banning navigators from county health departments, offering no state dollars to boost outreach efforts to 3.5 million uninsured and leading the fight to repeal the law. Yet the state has emerged as a tale of what went right with President Barack Obama's health care overhaul. 
More than 440,000 Florida residents had been enrolled through the federal marketplace through the end of February, putting Florida on pace to exceed the federal government's initial projections by the time enrollment closes March 31.
Meanwhile, the results of a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll might be a sign that Obamacare as a potent campaign issue for Republicans might turn out to be a bust:
Among the public overall, general opinion of the ACA moved in a more positive direction this month for the first time since November’s post-rollout negative shift in opinion. While unfavorable views of the law continue to outpace favorable ones, the gap between negative and positive views now stands at eight percentage points, down from 16 percentage points in January. Four years after the ACA’s passage, a little over half the public says they are tired of hearing the national debate over the law and want the country to focus more on other things, while four in ten say it’s important for the debate to continue. At the same time, six in ten want Congress to keep the law in place and either leave it as is or work to improve it, while three in ten would prefer to see it either repealed and replaced with a Republican alternative or repealed and not replaced. (our emphasis)
So, keep harping on it, reactionaries.  Keep sinking millions into those lying Koch brothers ads.  And, Democrats, you can declare success and agree that it's time to move on to issues like increasing the minimum wage, equal rights, immigration reform, and protecting a woman's right to reproductive choice.

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