Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wingnut Terrorist Arrested in Texas

Since the Oklahoma City bombing in April, 1995, cases of homegrown right-wing violence have been on the rise.  So-called "sovereign citizens" groups,"patriot" groups, and other far-right organizations have been revitalized, particularly with the election (and re-election) of a black Democratic President, and progress on the immigration reform, health care reform, and marriage equality fronts.

Thursday, Federal agents arrested the latest of these loons in Texas after a months-long investigation.  Robert Talbot was charged with plotting to blow up Government buildings, robbing banks, and killing police officers, in addition to possessing explosive materials.  Talbot operates a Facebook page for the "American Insurgent Movement," according to reports, which contains a collection of rants against the Government, "libruls," etc., and which provides a link to tea bagger organizations and websites.  If convicted, Talbot faces up to 20 years in Federal prison (where he'd likely join a chapter of the Aryan Brotherhood).

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