Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cartoon of the Day

How sad that the long-term, systemic screw-ups at Veterans Affairs hospitals are overshadowing the Memorial Day weekend and honoring our veterans. Falsifying appointment scheduling metrics so that VA administrators can look good, while vets die waiting for care, is obscene.  During the surprise visit of the President to Afghanistan earlier today, we wonder how many men and women in that audience were worried about the care they're likely to receive from the VA once home.

We've been critical of President Obama over other management failings (e.g., the bungled health care roll-out), but this is especially galling.  If there were criminal acts involved in the falsification of records, they need to come down hard with firings and indictments, and make sure that in the last two years of his Administration they get it right.

(cartoon:  Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via

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