Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Broken Media Quote of the Day

"People might be forgetting the deep bond that ran between the compliant Beltway media in 2003 and the very same failed Iraq War architects and partisan boosters the press is now turning to for advice. In other words, the Beltway press was part of the Iraq problem then. (They sold us a disastrous war.) So it's not that surprising the press is part of the problem now." -- Eric Boehlert, reminding us why the Beltway media is so eager to have the bunglers from Dumbya's Administration on their shows to give their "advice" on the situation in Iraq (emphasis added), something we've commented on, too.

The Dancin' Dave Gregorys, the George Steponaflagopoulos, the Tom Brokealls, every one of them -- and so many, many more --  shirked their responsiblilties after 9-11 by acting as stenographers and cheerleaders for a deceitful Administration bent on concocting a rationale for invading Iraq, when those that had attacked the U.S. slipped away into the mountains of Afghanistan.

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