Thursday, June 19, 2014

Today's Dispatch From The Stupid Party - Going Full Circle Stupid

Today, we present for your amusement the sight of one Piyush "Bobby" Jindal (a.k.a., "Kenneth") -- the quixotic weathervane of Republican politics, a man- who- will- never- be- President -- in a 180 degree pirouette so strained that we got pulled groin muscles just reading about it.  Jindal, once a "strong supporter" of the Common Core education initiative, has suddenly evolved decided it's not for the Tea Party Louisiana any more, coincidentally at about the same time he realized the Iowa caucuses were only about 18 months away.  In a related bit of irony, you may recall Jindal was the one who first said the Republican Party "must stop being the stupid party."  To quote another intellect of the right, "How's that workin' out for ya'?"  Take it away, Piyush:
On the heels of saying he would not be "bullied by the federal government" any longer, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) announced Wednesday that he plans to pull his state out of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  [snip] 
But Jindal's own state education superintendent, John White, is incensed. "It is outside the bounds of both our state's laws and our state's aspirations for its children to think that we would turn back now," White said in a statement.  [snip] 
A lack of cooperation from White, who is in charge of implementing the state's education policies, could complicate Jindal's plan. Reached by phone Wednesday, White said that Louisiana will move forward with Common Core for the time being. 
"We're just going to continue implementing the plan we've been implementing for four years," White said. "We've been saying since January of 2010 this is where we're headed. There's two outs and it's the ninth inning. He's bringing in the pinch hitter. This is a serious last-minute proposal."  [snip] 
Jindal previously described himself as a "strong supporter" of the Common Core. He was part of a group of governors who helped develop the standards, which lay out what students should know by the end of each grade. Federal funding encouraged states to adopt the standards.  [snip] 
On "CBS This Morning" on Tuesday, Education Secretary Arne Duncan described Jindal's opposition to the Common Core as "about politics -- it is not about education. And frankly that is part of the problem." 
Firing back in a statement Tuesday afternoon, Jindal said he "will not be bullied by the federal government."  [snip]  [Ed. note: We didn't know Piyush was such a delicate flower!] 
Jindal's Wednesday announcement goes against the wishes of the Louisiana legislature and the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, both of which continue to support the Common Core. White, the education superintendent, earlier said that Jindal lacks the authority to unilaterally reject the standards. "The laws of our state ... give the statutory authority for approving tests and standards to the state Board [of Education], not to the governor," White told HuffPost on Wednesday.  [Ed.note: Dictator!! Tyrant!!] (our emphasis)
So, rather than heed his own warning about the Republicans becoming the stupid party (we think that bridge was crossed looong before the 2012 elections), Piyush has decided to go over to the party's dark side - well, at least the dimbulb side, where he's got lot's of company.  His transparent ambition without the moorings of any principles reminds us of someone else.  What was that fellow's name =cough= Eric Cantor = cough=?

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