Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson Gets His Nazi Analogies Sideways And Backwards

Here's Driftglass on remarks by Republican loon-du-jour Dr. Ben "On Meds?" Carson comparing the America of progressives and Obama supporters to Nazi Germany:
... I actually agree with what Dr. Carson said, although not in any way that would make him happy. 
The despair and rage and paranoia of post-WWI Germany that made the rise of Nazism possible -- an overpowering sense of betrayal and lost greatness... an obsession with race and purity... a berserk hatred of impure outsiders and immigrants... a willingness to believe the most paranoid conspiracies about fifth columns and internal enemies ... the relentless scapegoating of (among others) minorities, foreigners, intellectuals, unions and Liberals ... the round-the-clock raving of demagogues -- are precisely the same toxic conditions which prevail within the Republican Party and the Conservative Movement today.  
"Fox News Contributor" tells you all you need to know, too.

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