Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Krispykreme's Unrequited Love

New Jersey Governor and head of New Jersey's Rethuglican crime family Chris "Krispykreme" Christie loves him some Bruce Springsteen, and no New Jersey citizen is going to stop him from playing The Boss' music at his town halls and rallies. Gov. Krispykreme erupted at a town hall meeting when he was told by a female audience member that she thought he had been asked not to play Springsteen's songs because his policies conflicted with Springsteen's progressive views.  Angrily marching back and forth microphone clutched hand, Krispykreme appears more and more belligerent toward the woman as she confronts the porcine politician.

Whether or not Springsteen has asked Gov. Krispykreme directly to stop playing his music at his political events, Springsteen campaigned far and wide for President Obama in 2012, while Krispykreme campaigned for Willard "Mittens" Romney.  That tells you that Krispykreme wants his audiences to falsely associate him with the ever-popular Springsteen, and don't let the big gasbag tell you otherwise.

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