Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Broken Media, Climate Change Edition

Yesterday's huge international story, which saw millions marching in over 150 countries for action on climate change (over 300,000 in New York City alone), was apparently not worthy of coverage by our betters in the Beltway media.  None of the Sunday poo-flings saw fit to cover the international People's Climate March, focusing instead who's in/out, up/down, winning/losing in Washington.  For example, you had Wisconsin goober Sen. Ron "Little Johnson" Johnson opining on ISIS/ISIL, a subject he really knows nothing about on one network.  Outside of ABC's studios in New York, hundreds of thousands had assembled to march, something that "This Week" host George Steponaflagpinopolus blithely ignored.

Today, a few thousand demonstrators are participating in a "Flood Wall Street" demonstration to draw corporate attention away from greater-profits-at-all-cost to the devastating effects of climate change and to urge action now.  Sadly, aside from coverage of demonstrators being hauled off by police, we're certain the message will be lost on our broken media.

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