Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Broken Media, Complaint Dept.

Every time we hear the right-wing complain about the media's love of President Obama, it's hard not to laugh.  Ever since Obama was inaugurated, the Beltway media has been playing the "both sides are to blame" song, promoting the tea baggers as an independent, grass roots movement, and not giving Obama credit for getting the economy back on its feet after the Rethugs drove it into a ditch.  The 30-plus year campaign by the Rethugs to "work the referee" has paid off spectacularly.

Now, the Beltway kool kids are up in arms that the White House staff is editing its press pool reports.  And what exactly is being edited?  According to the formerly great Washington Post Bezos Bugle:
"The disputed episodes involve mostly trivial issues and minor matters of fact."
Now we understand why they're so upset:  after all, trivial issues and errors in fact are their bread-and-butter.  Mega hack and Karl Rove pen pal Ron Fournier clutched his pearls and headed to the fainting couch, saying, "It's time to stop allowing WH to read and distribute pool reports." Well, at least not this White House. (Perhaps Fournier is still upset over John McNasty's defeat in 2008, when he was considering a job with McNasty).

Just another day in the Beltway bubble with the entitled and petulant media.

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