Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cliven's Found A Black Bootlicker

Sagebrush deadbeat Cliven "Cliven Hoof" Bundy is still popping up -- and popping off -- these days. The freeloading racist moocher has appeared in a sad little political ad for a fringe candidate of the "Independent American Party," which for all we know has the Stars and Bars as part of its logo.  Even sadder is the fact that the fringe candidate, Kamau Bakari, is black (hmmm, that's not a real 'Murican name;  better check his papers, Cliven).  Decked out in a western outfit that looks a bit like Yul Brynner's in "The Magnificent Seven," Bakari proceeds to flatter the ignorant Cliven by saying that he should be able to say whatever he wants, dammit!, and it's that old "political correctness" that's holding us back (from being overt racists and misogynists).  Old Cliven almost chokes when he has to say the word "slavery," a condition which he had earlier said might have been better for African-Americans.

It's a common tactic of the far-right to use racial opportunists as props to hide behind as they push positions and policies that adversely impact minorities and working families (three stooges Allen West, Ben Carson, and Herman Cain are examples that come to mind).  This latest opportunist has no chance against Dem incumbent Dina Titus (or Republican Annette Teijeiro), just as no one takes a collection of bigots and kooks calling themselves the "Independent American Party" seriously.

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