Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Clueless Quote of the Day

"I gotta tell you the truth, I'm tired of hearing about the minimum wage, I really am."-- Angry buffoon and pay-to-play politician New Jersey Gov. Chris "Krispykreme" Christie, speaking to the Chamber of Commerce (naturally) yesterday in Washington, D.C.  His remark, along with that of Koch employee of the year, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker who doesn't think that the minimum wage "serves a purpose," is the clearest evidence that Rethuglican politicians couldn't care less about the working poor trying to stay afloat on $7.25 an hour.  However when their wealthy contributors (including the Chamber) come demanding favors, the door's always open to them.

Krispykreme had lap band surgery a while ago to rein in his voracious appetite, when what he really needed was yap band surgery to rein in his loud, mean mouth.

BONUS:  Florida Republican Gov. Rick "Voldemort" Scott also tripped on his lizard tail in last night's gubernatorial debates over minimum wage.  The cluelessness is showing.

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