Thursday, October 23, 2014

From The Fever Swamps Of The Right….

Crazies on the right have been kicking around the idea of secession ever since the dark skinned guy was elected President, despite the fact that they tried that in the 1860s and LOST after the extinguishing of hundreds of thousands of lives.  Now, a former speechwriter for right-wing icon St. Ronnie of Hollywood is suggesting an initial trio of states form a new nation conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal called "Reagan" that would reflect the 18th century "values" that they live by.  Blacks, browns and other undesirables would be unwelcome, no doubt, and women?  Well, drop that ballot and get me a sammich!  The lunatic proposing this, Douglas "Rebel Smell" MacKinnon, would base "membership" in "Reagan" according to their stand on marriage equality (hail no!) and other fundamentalist "Christian" ideology (we'll just ignore that during his eight years, St. Ronnie rarely, if ever, attended church, and was mostly tolerant of gays, given his earlier work experience in Hollywood).

Rebel Smell's ideal is a whites-only, exclusionary, authoritarian country, marching to one tune, one party, and one religion and likely armed to the teeth, since the far right's DNA is steeped in paranoia and fear.  It doesn't sound like a place we'd like to visit or live in.

(image:  Cletus Spuckler, candidate for President of "Reagan")

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