Thursday, October 23, 2014

Republican Police Blotter, South Carolina Crime Edition

Republican Speaker of the South Carolina House Bobby "Easy Money" Harrell is resigning today from his position following guilty pleas to misdemeanor ethics charges ranging from misuse of campaign funds to using his office for personal gain.  This is the second southern Rethug good ol' boy to be brought up on ethics charges, with Alabama's "Crimson Crime" guy Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard, arrested on felony charges.

Again, the view of government that's been drummed into them, even before St. Ronnie of Hollywood's "government's not the solution, it's the problem," is that government is stealing from "the people" (you know, taxes) so it's OK to screw the government.  The added bonus for these clowns is they then say, "see, we told you government doesn't work."

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