Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Villains Aren't Always Republicans

Frequent blind squirrel Dana Milbank has a look at someone who truly rates as a villain in the Darren Wilson/ Michael Brown shooting non-indictment:  St. Louis County District Attorney Bob McCulloch, a man who clearly has no business being in the business he's in:
As has been repeated often in recent weeks, a grand jury will indict a proverbial ham sandwich if a prosecutor asks it to. Alternatively, McCulloch could have brought charges through a judicial hearing; he chose not to do that, either. 
Asked Monday night whether he had any regrets about the way he handled the case, McCulloch replied, “No, not at all.” This shouldn’t be a surprise, given McCulloch’s history. That his father, a police officer, was killed by a black suspect doesn’t by itself disqualify him, but his record should have: not a single prosecution of a shooting by police in his 23 years on the job. Four times he presented evidence to a grand jury in such a case and didn’t get an indictment; now he can add a fifth.
It's appalling and rather sickening to note that McCulloch has run for office as a Democrat.  Another small-bore villain would be the shit-mountain conservaDem Governor of Missouri Jay "I'm The Schnook, Not The Crook" Nixon, who declined early on to name a Special Prosecutor to take the case out of the corrupted hands of McCulloch.  If these are what pass as Democrats in Missouri, we're afraid to look in that compost heap for what constitutes a Republican. Shame on them and shame on the rotten system they inhabit.


Anonymous said...

As a native of KCMO, now living in the East, I appreciate your sticking it to the MO Dems who have been shameful around this.

W. Hackwhacker said...

They deserve it, and more. Thanks for commenting.