Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tailgunner Ted Shoots Down Own Plane

Teabagger icon and rising demagogue in the Rethuglican / New Confederate / Stupid Party Sen. Ted "Tailgunner Ted" Cruz is the kind of arrogant putz that always thinks he's the smartest person in the room.  The flurry of activity in the Senate to deal with the budget, however, may have overloaded Tailgunner Ted's brain circuitry.  In trying to throw a procedural wrench into the budget vote, so as to stage a tantrum over the President's immigration reform actions, Tailgunner Ted opened the door for Senate Dems to vote on a number of Presidential appointees and judges that had been held up.  D'oh!  That removed a key bargaining chip for Senate Rethugs to use in the waning days of this Congress.

Tailgunner Ted is fast becoming an outcast even among his Senate Republican colleagues, who see the Texas extremist as a reckless opportunist bent on the 2016 Presidential nomination.  With performances like this weekend's, Tailgunner Ted may have hastened his isolation among his Republican colleagues, but we have to give him "thanks" for his boneheaded move that helped the Dems move some appointments.

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