Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Winner, and Still Champion...

This year, we've had an abundance of hacktacular hacks plying their trade in politics and on the manure-flecked boulevards of the Beltway Village.  But for sheer nastiness and staying power (like a case of hemorrhoids that won't go away), snowbilly grifter and teabagger icon Sarah "Winky" Palin tops the list, not to mention her lovely family.

Her constant elbowing her way into social and political commentary, long after her 15 minutes of fame was up, is a testament to her greed, cluelessness, and megalomania.  When appearances on the Fux Channel and other right-wing outlets diminished, she set up her own lame internet subscription channel in order to fleece the rubes and spread her flaky, argle-bargle opinions, when most Americans have long since dismissed her as a narcissistic featherweight.  The inimitable tBogg has prepared a compilation of her 2014 "hits" (so we didn't have to).  While there's treatment for hemorrhoids, it's a sure bet that we'll still have Winky shrieking at us in 2015.

BONUS:  You have to give the increasingly ludicrous CNN "dis-honorable mention" for some disgraceful, hacktacular moments in 2014.

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