Thursday, February 19, 2015

Germany: Putin, Ja! Greece, Nein!

The uber-austerians in Berlin are tough.  They won't let up until Greece - the birthplace of democracy - is buried:
Germany quickly rejected a conciliatory bailout proposal by Greece on Thursday, dampening hopes that emergency talks might break a deadlock threatening the country with default and an exit from the euro.
But Putin, well that's another bowl of borscht:
France and Germany, which oversaw marathon peace talks between the Ukrainian and Russian leaders last week in Minsk, Belarus, both signaled Thursday that they’re determined to salvage the cease-fire deal and keep the two sides talking. 
The German government said the four leaders had agreed “to stick to the Minsk agreements despite the serious breach of the cease-fire in Debaltseve.” It said “immediate concrete steps” were necessary to ensure that the cease-fire is fully implemented and heavy weapons are withdrawn.  (our emphasis)
Unlike Russia, Greece doesn't have a natural gas pipeline going up Frau Merkel's heinie.

Scheisse kopfe!

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