Friday, March 27, 2015

Weekend Hate Your Next Door Neighbor But Don't Forget To Say Grace Song

It seems this song by country music quartet Little Big Town has some talibangelist nitwits all riled up because of this: 
Alana Lynn, a morning co-host on country music station 104.3 FM in Boise, Idaho, was excited to play Little Big Town’s latest single for her listeners. “Girl Crush,” a powerful ballad about a woman envious of her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, seemed destined to be a hit.
“I want to taste her lips, yeah cause they taste like you / I want to drown myself in a bottle of her perfume,” vocalist Karen Fairchild sings. “I want her long blond hair, I want her magic touch / Yeah cause maybe then, you’d want me just as much. . . I got a girl crush.”
Sure, it’s a provocative way to describe jealousy. But when Lynn played the song on the air, she didn’t anticipate that she would get furious phone calls and e-mails accusing “Girl Crush” of “promoting the gay agenda” and threats to boycott the station.
It must be challenging to go through life with a mind so simple that you can't discern a subtle conceit  like the one in "Girl Crush."  It must be, um, crushing to go through life with a mind so full of hate that you would respond to this song in the vicious way so many upright "Christians" apparently have. In light of this, and of Thursday's passage of the hate law in Indiana, we'd like to offer this as our Weekend Song (h/t brother Hackwhacker):

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