Sunday, May 17, 2015

That First Step Can Be A Stinker

"I misstepped, for sure. I answered a question that wasn't asked. That's just what happened." -- "smarter" House of Bush pretender to the throne John Ellis (J.E.B.) Bush in Iowa yesterday, trying to recover from a week of fumbling his response to the question of whether he would have invaded Iraq, knowing what we know now.

J.E.B. is currently polling in 7th place in Iowa, and donors are wondering if he's up to the challenge.  The neocon/Likudnik establishment within the Rethuglican Party is upset that he didn't come to their defense over their disastrous war in Iraq, as his competitors sharpen their knives.

BONUS:  Paul Krugman has a must-read on the "blinkers and lies" we're still dealing with on Iraq and other issues. 

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