Saturday, May 23, 2015

Trickled On

For the better part of 35 years, one of the myths that Rethuglicans cling to is that tax cuts on corporations and upper income people ("supply side" or "trickle down" economics) produce prosperity through greater economic activity. In reality, what they produce are wealthier plutocrats who donate to the Rethugs, and budget shortfalls requiring government to either borrow money (with interest) or, more typically with Rethug politicians, to slash government services.

Four Rethuglican governors with their eyes on the Presidency in 2016 are now facing crises of their own making:  Chris "Krispykreme" Christie in New Jersey, Scott "Koch Head" Walker in Wisconsin, John "Itchy" Kasich in Ohio, and Pyush "Bobby" Jindal in Louisiana have been merrily cutting taxes, only to find that the cuts didn't produce new revenues through economic growth.  All four states have significant shortfalls in their state budgets which will force confrontations with their state legislatures, which are very reluctant to cut funds for education, public works and public safety.  What makes this situation dangerous for the four is that they have pledged -- three in writing and one (Krispykreme) verbally -- not to raise taxes, a violation that could produce a Teabagger challenge in their next primary or election.  If everyday people weren't going to be the victims of their idiocy, we'd cheer the fix they've put themselves in, once again drinking the "trickle down" Kool Aid.

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