Friday, June 12, 2015

Your Right-Wing Cafeteria Catholic, Peggy Noonan

Ed Kilgore on Sister of the Order of the Three-Martini-Lunch, cafeteria Catholic and St. Ronnie of Hollywood idolator Peggy "Nooney Tunes"* Noonan:
One of the abiding wonders of the papacy of Francis is the deep dismay he consistently inspires among politically conservative Catholics, especially in this country. That dismay is likely to rise to significantly next week when he is expected to release an encyclical on global climate change as the opening bell for a high-profile papal campaign on the subject that will take him to the UN and to Congress this fall.
So it’s actually kind of useful to read the anticipatory comments of Peggy Noonan, delivered in her accustomed tone of distracted rambling, but unmistakably disrespecting Francis as a bit of a dullard who’s being used by secularists and anyway he’s still on Our Team on Abortion and Contraception!
Jesuit-trained Francis with an advanced degree in chemistry is a dullard compared to brilliant John Paul II??  Yeah, that's not going to fly even with the help of the canaries floating around Noonan's head.

Ed quotes the bibulous Noonan yapping about Pope Francis discomfiting "the church he loves" by speaking out on global climate change, "trickle down" economics, and income inequality, and then offers his rebuttal:
That’s entirely true if by “the church” which is being discomforted you mean those good loyal Catholics who have let themselves stray into the communion of the Golden Calf and its own line of pontiffs from St. Friedrich Hayek to St. Ayn Rand to St. Ronald Reagan (Peggy’s own Patron in more ways than one).
Please read the entire piece.   It's priceless. 

(Image:  Nooney Tunes - "Hmmm.  What would St. Ronnie do?")

* h/t Jon Stewart, Daily Show.

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