Friday, November 20, 2015

Let's Pause To Laugh At Republican Charlatans (Then Let's Defeat Them)

The nightly shows are hitting the bed- wetting Republicans on their craven, politically opportunistic approach to Syrian refugees.  Let's see Seth Meyers and Steven Colbert do their things.

A little fact checking on the claims that billions/ millions/ hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees are headed here (per pathological liars "Snarly" Carly Fiorina, "Tailgunner Ted" Cruz and Rump Trump):  the number proposed is actually 10,000).

Satire exposes the charlatans and crackpots for what they are.  But we must not forget that there will be real victims should this Republican onslaught (abetted by some spineless, awful "Democrats") continue.  Too many -- what's the nicest way to put it -- low-information Americans are all too susceptible to Republican appeals to fear and hatred.  The response to this from us must be strong and relentless if there's any hope of salvaging our sense of "what we're about" as a Nation.

In case there's any question whether the Syrian refugee issue is one of principle or a political hatchet for Republicans, there's this:
Republicans say they'll use the vote on the House bill in political ads during next year's presidential election.

"We'll crucify them," said a senior House GOP aide.
That's the vicious nihilism that needs to be defeated.

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